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El Carro de la Compra

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A very addictive game, jump to the shopping cart to see if you are the most far reaching and get upgrades for your cart. Using only the keyboard.

Categora:Flying , Racing , Fun

Jugado: 20542 veces

Protector III

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  • [4]

Great strategy game, you have to defend a territory from attack, place your warriors and wizards, upload level, improve your magic, so they can not enter your territory.

Very addictive game, all used with the mouse.

Categora:1 Player , Fighting , Punch , Strategy

Jugado: 19647 veces

Vengeance Rider

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  • [8]

Chasing criminals and destroy their cars. Very distracted and play with good graphics, it avoids the traffic to reach them.

Move with the cursors and handbrake space.

Categora:1player , Car , Flash , Racing

Jugado: 20068 veces

Dare Devil

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  • [4]

Jump your bike over barrels on fire, and do the best tricks, very simple game but very addictive, because you can go to improve your bike jumps better.

Categora:1 Player, Jumping, Driving , Flash, Motorcycle

Jugado: 20967 veces

Young Lee

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With the young Lee, you have to train yourself to be a great fighter and defeating the enemy.

The keys are wyqy cursors to move and jump, the coach will tell you how to use them.

Categora:1 Player, Beat Em Up , Fighting , Punch

Jugado: 4847 veces

Flight of the hamster

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The flight of the hamster, it's a fun game and easy to play. Only have to press the left mouse button to launch the hamster and to see another hit and throw it as far as possible, it wins the farthest throw.

Categora:1 Player, Bounce , Kids , Animal , Jumping

Jugado: 19804 veces

Youda Camper

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  • [3]

A strategy game fun.

Build your own camping and take it so you do happy campers.

Earn money to build new stores, parking ...

Categora:1 player , Fun , Strategy ,

Jugado: 43 veces


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  • [8]

Take a nursery, takes good care of the small and get money for a bigger, hiring nannies.
A great simulation game.
All controlled with the mouse

Categora:Girl , Fun , 1Player ,

Jugado: 19863 veces

Final Fortress

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To protect the strength of all attacks go up in level to get more units to defend your position.

Control everything with your mouse.

Categora:1 player, War, Action , Shooting , Mouse

Jugado: 1392 veces

Battle Gear

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  • [103]

It is a great strategy game of war, you have to create units, soldades, tanks, to attack the opponent and advance in your conquest of the world.

Categora:War, Killing

Jugado: 20264 veces

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